Saffron project won a bid of Chinese herbal medicine industrial items during Pudong new area “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”

Our saffron project won a bid of Traditional Chinese Medicine industrial items during the pharmaceutical industrial development “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” of Pudong district. Through projects review, strict screening, on-site inspection of experts, it was outstanding in the fierce competition and awarded special financial aid by the pharmaceutical industrial development of Pudong district, which laid the foundation for our company’s high-growth development.
West safflower is dry stigma of crocus belonging to iridaceae orthrosanthus, also known as saffron. In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, it can be used as anti-coagulant and sedatives. Modern pharmacology has proved that saffron can treat cardiovascular diseases and anti-tumor. Currently,the supply is inadequate to meet the market demand, and limited the development of saffron industry. In 2001, it was classified as a key developing species of Traditional Chinese Medicine by the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administrative Bureau. But low propagating coefficent of bulb, low stylar output, expensive by the traditional planting method, can not meet the market  demands.
Our project is based on introduction of the fine bulb of saffron and technology of Shoyama Laboratory of Japanese Kyushu University and Suzhou University, to carry out large-scale cultivation and R&D tissue culture of saffron, and research the combined effect of saffron with other natural herbs. We will process and produce the saffron industrial by proprietary technology, and create high value-added brand. It forms a virtuous cycle of industrial development, by the tightly cooperation between enterprise and research institute.
[Chairman Mr. Shan Yu introduced the development profile of Haikang pharm to Review Panel]
[GM Assistant Wei Zhou reported saffron project to Review Panel]
[Review Panel were inspecting the laboratory of Haikang pharm accompanied by Chairman Mr. Shan Yu and GM assistant Wei Zhou]
[Review Panel were discussing the saffron project of Shanghai Haikang pharm]