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Recruitment Position      Project Manager of Protein Purification
Job Requirements
  1. Master or higher degree relevant to biomedicine or biochemistry, more than two years working experience in protein purification or related fields;
  2. Familiar with the nature of the prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell expression products, possess process development, pilot and production experience of protein purification;
  3. Familiar with the protein structure, purification principle, various chromatography and various filler character;
  4. Master the use of purification devices (such as GE's AKTA series), familiar with the various protein test instruments (such as HPLC);
  5. Good summary analysis, communication and management skills;
  6. Strong sense of responsibility.
Job Description
  1. Responsible for protein expression, purification process development and production, establish and improve protein purification technology platform;
  2. Train protein purification personnel, manage protein purification team;
  3. Communicate with other departments.
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