Social Responsibility

"Fulfill Social Responsibility,Service Public Health"


At the beginning of the company's development, corporate social responsibility was planted into a long-term development strategy of Haikang Pharm. Haikang Pharm is committed to R&D and production innovative anti-cancer drugs, bases on principle of "Dignity of Life" concept, and internals it into enterprise's culture, creates human working, learning and recreation environment, while provides a competitive force salaries and benefits for employees, makes "Haikang Staff" deeply feel respectable of their value of life and inspire enthusiasm and sense of responsibilities, as they engage in the noble cause - "Save More Honorable Lives" do perfectly situation, to achieve our vision "Make Chinese Own Innovative Drugs, to Help People Conquer Cancer" and benefit the health of the human.


As a pharmaceutical company, we should not only fulfill the economic and legal liabilities (Strict compliance with laws and regulations in the enterprise operating to make profits for our stockholders.), but should be responsible for society as well, including credit management, taxation by law and protecting the community environment. In accordance with the requirements of the scientific viewpoint of development, assume obligations to the natural environment and the cause of human health, support and sponsor social welfare undertakings, to help vulnerable social groups, to promote harmonious society. All of these are also in line with the concept of our company's development -"Strengthen Ourselves, Reward the Society".

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